Tutti $49 and Under

July 1, 2019 – August 22, 2020

Thank you to all of our donors who make our free concerts possible each year.  Please remember that the Gateway Festival Orchestra is a non-for-profit, 401(c)(3) organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.


Bill and Jackie Becker

Tom Becker

John and Cheryl Bohney

Margaret Brolanthomas – In honor of Carl

Holly Childress

Jane and John Clendenin

Helen Colston

Anthony and Sandra Cuneo

Denise D’Arca

Nancy D’Arcy

Freddie Drayton

Kathleen Dunsford

Helene Frankel – In memory of Sylvia Frankel and Lily Kaufman

Robert and Gail Garfield

Tito Gay

John H. Grizzell

Lorraine Hackman

Beth and Ken Heuermann

Gary and Laura Hoeferkamp

Brian Holiday

Mary Jo and Dennis Jakovac

Richard Klosterman

Mary Paula Klump

Janet Koester

Norene Lee

Karen T. Levine

Diane Levy

Barbara Metzger-May

Virginia Moellenhoff

Talmage E. Newton, III

Gerald Perlin

Abby Podkul

Gail M. Range

Joseph Rezny

Deborah Schwartz

Jerome and Francine Seslen

Alan E. Sherman

Evelyn Shipley

Dr. Jerome Stanley

Mary A. Swartzwelder

Joanne Szapszewicz

Tony and Joan Udziela

Steve Weinreich

Kenneth and Eve Wilde

Austin and Sue Winkleman

Sarah Winter

Michael Wysession

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