Concertmaster $100 – $499

July 1, 2019 – August 22, 2020

Thank you to all of our donors who make our free concerts possible each year.  Please remember that the Gateway Festival Orchestra is a non-for-profit, 401(c)(3) organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.

Anna Clare Allen

Ivy Allen

Loretta April

Jeanean Belk

Michael Biggers

Esther M. Bowers

Dr. Richard Brand and Marie Cuccia-Brand

Marie Brown

Randall and Victoria Brown

Patricia Buehler

Dr. Peter Bukalski

James W. and Jean Davis

Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Dehner

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph and Carmen Dence

Steven A. and Mary Dick

Mary Dinauer

Don DuPerrett

James L. Eaton

Roger and Nancy Finks

Harlie Frankel

Roger and Carol Frederickson

Lester Goldman – In memory of Judy Goldman

James Hanlin

Ed Hanlon

Dr. J. Michael and Mary Ann Hatelid

Linda and Chris Hermann

Carl Hoff

Drs. Jackie Hoffman and Dennis Hourcade

Marilyn K. Humiston

Linda and Richard Jensen

Mary K. and Morris Joftus

Marjorie E. Johnson

James G. and Judith E. Kemner

Brian and MaryJane Kinman

Janet Knight

Ronald Koblitz

Doug and Joan Kouba

Nika Leoni

Dr. David Mendelson

James and Elaine Miller

Bernard S. Miller, Jr.

Twinda Murry

Ingrid and Wilhelm Neuefeind

Robert O’Ker

Paul Ohlendorf

Eileen Pacino

Richard and Cathleen Woelbling Paul

Douglas Pedersen

Arthur and Beverly Platt

Bill and Jane Pohlman

Laura Schindler

Andrew and Deborah Schwartz

Linda Seibert

Robert E. Snyders

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Sohn

Tracey Temanson and Jim Donnelly

Darrell and Jane Wacker

Susan Allen Warren

Charles and Carol Wilmes

Rosalyn and Robert Wykes

Amy Ziegler

Cindy Zirwes

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