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Concerts are free to attend,
but they are not free to put on.
Last year, expenses average over $25 for each attendee.

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Man playing violin to child in a wheel chair

The Gateway Festival Orchestra provides the St. Louis Community with quality symphonic and chamber music through free public concerts, including our popular symphony series held every summer in July.  The GFO inspires young musicians with opportunities to perform with professional musicians, and it instills a love of classical music in very young listeners through its outreach program. 

GFO concerts are free to attend, but they are not free to put on.  The GFO must raise the funds to pay for conductors, players, guest artists, and music venues. This year expenses averaged over $25 for each concert attendee. Please add your name to the growing list of donors (see below) who are helping us continue this work. Your gift today will help enrich St. Louis lives through music! Thank you!
The Gateway Festival Orchestra is a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3).

GFO Donors

Thank you to all our donors who make our free community concerts and community outreach events possible. Please remember the Gateway Festival Orchestra is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are deductible as allowed by law. Every effort is made to accurately reflect your donations.

(Donations from June 26, 2022,  last updated 7/02/2023).

PayPal Giving Fund

Innsbrook Institute Grant for Young Artists

Missouri Arts Council

Music Performance Trust

Musicians Association of
  St. Louis Local-197

Reginal Arts Commission

St Louis Community

  Foundation – In Memory of
   Phyllis Tirmenstein
   Roland Quest Memorial Fund
Vanguard Charitable Fund Grant –
  from Carl J. Manone           Humanitarian Fund –
  In Memory of Dr. Carl J.Manone
   In Honor of Carol Wolowsky

Deberah Haferkamp
Nancy and Steve Kahl –
In Memory of
  Phyllis Tirmenstein
Kenneth and Nancy Kranzberg
Colleen McMillan

Sam C. Bertolet and Helen Ziercher
Cynthia Marie Eckelkamp
Anita Hagerman
Drs. Jacqueline Hoffman and
Dennis Hourcade
Tracey Temanson and Jim Donnelly
Donnelly and Temanson
Family Charitable Fund
Steve Wamsley

Ivy Allen
Mary Altrogge
Jacqueline Becker
Jeanean Belk
Carole A. Boller
Sarah Boyce
Marie Brown
Victoria and Randy Brown
Susan and John Carnasiotis
Allison Cimino
Patricia Comens
Mary Dinauer
Margaret Este

Lester Goldman –

  In Memory of Judy Goldman

James R. Hanlin

Edward Hanlon

Michael Hatlelid MD

Linda Hermann

Dr. Paul Higdon

Diane Hirson

Douglas and Joan Kouba

Dr. And Mrs. Alan Kretchmar

Benjamin Kumfer

Denise and Bob LaRossa –

  Tribute to Mary Weber,

  Principal Trumpet

Roger and Joyce Lindstrom

Roger and Joyce Lindstrom –

In Honor of Cathy Paul

Dr. David Mendelson

John Meurer

James and Elaine Miller

Steve Miller and

Nina Schatzkamer Miller –

In Memory of Phyllis Tirmenstein and

  the William Schatzkamer

  Young Artist Fund

James Musca

Paul W. Ohlendorf

Richard Paul and Cathleen Woelbling Paul

Douglas Pedersen

Peggy Piekarski

Bill and Jane Pohlman

Elaine and Larry Pontious

Laura Schindler

Suzanne Schoomer

Andrew and Deborah Schwartz

Dale and Merle Singer

Tom Snider and Kathy Kniepmann

Robert Snyders

Thomas Timmerberg

Darrell Wacker

April Walgren

Charles E. and Carol J. Wilmes

Rosalyn Wykes

Cynthia L. Zirwes

Anonymous (4)

James E. Adams

Dr. Martin Bell

Michael Biggers and Mary Patton

Donna Brown

George Crawford and Stacey

Bennett Crawford

Michelle DeFabio

Principal (continued)
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Dehner
Sharon Dougherty
Brian Duffy
Don DuPerrett
Dr. and Mrs. William M. Fogarty, Jr.
Harlie Frankel
Robert and Gail Garfield
Carl Hoff
Janis Huffman
Margie and Martin Jaffe
Rosemary and Stan Lawton
Carolyn Lynch
Deborah K. Milton
Mary A. Murawski – In Loving
Memory of Her Father –
Euphonium Player Extraordinaire
Sue and Jim Rochow
Richard Rubin
John E. Russell
Dr. Jo-Ellyn Ryall
Drs. Michelle and Paul Schultz
Kenneth S. Schwartz
Jerome and Francine Seslen
Robert Settle
Laura Staley and Steve Goldstein
Jeff Stokes
Patricia Walter
Anonymous (3)

Jo Barcelona
S. Battaglia-Esses
Jane Clendenin
Helen Colston
Mike and Ruth Greco
Lorraine Hackman
Wanda and Dan Hamill
Brian Holiday
George Hulsey
Richard G. Klosterman
Norene Lee
Anita Luft
Mary Lou March
Mr. and Mrs. John Merker
Rhonda O’Brien
Michael Oliver and Judy Rubin
Sarah Patton
Ernst and Linda Petzold
Rochelle Popkin
Joseph A. Rezny
Francis M. and Ronald Schlapprizzi
Evelyn Shipley
Carl Stokes
Patrick and Heather Wall
John Wynne
Anonymous (3) 

Thank You!

We want to thank all the individuals and organizations that support our goal to enrich St. Louis lives through music.